This is the personal website of Vu Van Hien, a Digital Marketer in The Era of AI.

Community Builder

I have cultivated the DMA Network community, amassing over 200,000 members specializing in Digital Marketing.

Over the past decade, I have organized and led more than 50 workshops, talk shows, and conferences dedicated to the field of digital marketing, attracting industry leaders and enthusiasts alike.

These initiatives not only bring me immense joy but also serve as a continual source of industry knowledge and valuable relationships, enhancing my professional credibility and fostering brand trust, feedback, and reliability for the businesses I engage with.

New thinkingThe Smarter Way to Change Careers

Embarking on a new career journey is akin to navigating uncharted waters, often fueled by a yearning for change, a newfound passion, or a thirst for a different professional landscape.

Embark on a voyage through the illustrative tale of Hoài Phương, a story that serves as a vivid example of the “monkey-branching” strategy in action. As we delve into her career odyssey, we uncover a rich tapestry that brings to life the nuances and intricacies of this method, providing valuable insights for those contemplating substantial career changes.